Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sick days

Mom's been home these past these past two days, but instead of playing with us (Tonks and me), she spent them in bed. Turns out she was sick. Some fever or something, which means I would have had the perfect opportunity to blog without interruption, but, hey, even we cutest pups have our jobs, and mine was sleeping by her side while she was in bed feeling awful. I do my part. And I do love her. Crazy thing is, she's more happy about the weight she's lost from not eating for two days than the getting better. Humans are such an odd breed. The things they find important. Tsk, tsk.

Mom has been restless lately because she hasn't found anything to entertain her. She's finished the entire line-up of "Eureka", the available episodes of "Warehouse 13," "Top Gear" (UK version, of course--we have our standards), and in an attempt to find something else that kept her interest, she watched another show that may people rave about, but she found lacking. The last two books she read were lacking too. She loved the writing, but in one the holes at the end left her unsatisfied, and in the other, she thought the heroine was such a baby. She likes the humor mixed with serious (see the TV shows she enjoys above), and that what she writes too, but apparently they don't sell well. If you ask me, she should throw in a dog or two and bones. Everybody loves bones.

So if you have any suggestions for her, reading or viewing, I'll pass them along. If she has to spend many more days in bed with nothing to read or watch, she'll go nuts, and I don't like it when she goes nuts. She starts doing crazy things like cleaning and removing all that lovely dogginess that we (Tonks and I) have worked so hard to get into the house.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

There's been a coup

Pixie here.
Mom has really dropped the ball recently.
She hasn't posted anything in a long time, and frankly, after reading the past posts, there's been far too little about me. So that's about to change. I stole her password and her laptop and have taken control. I mean, look at me. I'm long past due for grooming (Hey, Mom, the scruffy look went out in the sixties!), and breakfast was late this morning. Who does she think she is? Sure she had a book appear on Amazon, Nook, and Kobo this week. But seriously. Compare:
Who would you rather look at? Naked dude or scruffy loveliness? (Even scruffy I'm the cutest). So I decided to take over. It's probably time. And my content will be far more interesting than hers. Although that whole lack-of-opposable thumb thing might make it a little more difficult for me. But I'm nothing if not cunning and clever. Who else but a cunning and clever pup could show you how to kill a mockingbird?Mockingbird
It didn't even taste like bird. Pffft.