Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stupid Backyard Games

I just finished playing five holes of golf. Before you get too excited, it was backyard golf. Armed with wiffle golf balls (there's probably a real name for those things, but I don't know it) and my husband's clubs, we pounded in the two croquet end posts at either side of the yard, and proceeded to play: me, my husband, and two daughters. A hole consisted of hitting the post on the other side of the yard.

Not only did this game prove how very little Tiger Woods has to fear from me, but it also proved how much fun stupid little things are when done with the family. So on this Father's Day (tomorrow), play some stupid games with Dad. I don't have my dad anymore, but I do have great memories of the games (mostly tennis and canasta) we played together. Trust me. You'll love the the time spent with the him of your Father's Day (whether it's your dad or the dad of your kids.)

And if you're the dad, Happy Father's Day.

Books I'm reading now:
Highland Scandal by Julia London
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by JK Rowling (What? I had to read it again before the movie next month)
The Duke Next Door by Celeste Bradley

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  1. I plan to take my husband to breakfast. He's letting me pick the place, because really even moms deserve a treat on father's day. Then I hope to take a walk though a walk through Oakland Cemetery (it is downtown Atlanta) and a happy way to burn off post pancake calories. He gets to spend the rest of the day golfing. I hope the weather and our motivation allow us to do at least one of these things!