Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have always loved trinkets. I have a collection of David Winter cottages, I used to collect parrots (ceramic, plates, wooden; not the real ones), I collect plates with folk art, and since my latest book came out, I have all sorts of figurines depicting magical beings. I have a copy of a medieval goblet from England, a lizard from the Grand Canyon, and all kinds tins, especially holiday ones that used to hold candy.

I'm a junk junkie.

I absolutely hate shopping, clothes or grocery. The minute I step into a mall or supermarket, I start to yawn (I'm not kidding). But get me in a knickknack store and I could spend hours gazing at every little thing (Book stores too). I love things that catch the light, collect dust, and serve no real purpose on this planet but to look sweet.

But not too sweet. I don't like the cutesy things. No teddy bears or kids with big eyes. Although my daughter has some Pocket Dragons (I should put a trademark here, but, oh well) that I find adorable (My poor daughter inherited my junk gene, but her tastes run toward dragons--of which I have a few myself).

So stay tuned. I will be posting soon about a contest I am running where the winner can receive a wand. Details are forthcoming, I promise. And it's a cool wand. One I would like to have.

Because you can never have too much fun stuff.

Books I'm reading now;
Mystic and Rider by Sharon Shinn

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  1. Oh my goodnes! I want a wand! Such a spiffy giveaway. I'll be sure to stalk more hours than the usual. ;)

    And, I am a junk junkie too. I went to an antique shop the other week and found a boot, a victorian type boot and there was a name scrawled inside the ankle part and I clutched that boot to my chest thinking "someone, this girl, wore this. She's dead but this this little boot is proof she was here." I'm more of the antique junk junkie but I also love the cute big eyed dragons and gargoyles and fairies... and shoes, I don't know why but I love tiny little shoes I can sit on my vanity table or book shelf.