Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I have none. I absolutely cannot rely on fate, luck, chance, the stars, etc., to get me anywhere. I don't win when I gamble, but I don't lose either (well, not more than an evening's worth of entertainment anyway); I don't win raffles; I've never been upgraded to first class on a flight; and everything I've achieved has been through my own hard work. I know there's something to be said for that last, but sometimes I wish for something to happen easily and without effort. Oh, yes, and wishes don't work for me either.

That's all. Just a thought.

Books I'm reading now:
Phoenix Rising by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris


  1. It will happen when you least expect it. Just think of how much you have accomplished since writing The Wish List and the fans you have made because of your stories. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks, Laura. I suppose I should clarify that I don't have bad luck either. I just have no luck.

  3. I say you have luck, but you aren't aware of it. Think of all the happiness in your life--from family and friends to your books and great dinners and favorite tv shows and everything in between. There is some luck in there, my friend. Believe it.

  4. Of course you're right, Pam, I do have a lot of wonderful things in my life I am very grateful for.