Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Guess it's Fall

Today I was cold for the first time in months. I don't like cold. Mind you, I think I'm becoming really whiny, because I'm not liking the extreme heat either (Yes, I did complain in Rome and other parts of Europe while I was there because of the heat. Never going in summer again). To me Hell isn't fire, but ice. I was chilled on Friday and I actually took my first (of usually many) hot bath of the season (with a book--in this case a Kindle in a Ziploc--something to drink and a couple of cookies. TMI?) My favorite season used to be summer (before I became whiny about the heat), spring brings allergies like crazy, and winter is just too cold. So by default, fall has become my favorite season--especially since I don't have to go back to school.

But by far the coolest (no pun intended) thing about fall in Albuquerque is this:

The Balloon Fiesta. While five of the ten days were rained out this year, and one cannot depend on the weather, the Fiesta is worth a trip, the early rise (although they also hold evening balloon glows, but you MUST see the early morning mass ascension), and the crowds. Food is fun--Breakfast burritos (on the way home, my husband was wondering if the Fiesta serves the most breakfast burritos in addition to hosting the biggest number of balloons--really, what other event boasts as many breakfast burritos?), doughnuts and mini-doughnuts, funnel cakes, hot chocolate, coffee--even the pinon variety--and today we even spotted breakfast pizza. And the odd offering of things to buy--today's winner: flu shots.

But the big draw is the balloons. You can walk on the field as they lift off. Wave after wave launch right beside you.

My favorite:

Yeah. I'm a nerd.


Books I'm reading now:
Shadowman by Erin Kellison
A Kiss at Midnight by Eloisa James


  1. Nice pics. Fall is my favorite season as well--and for the same reasoning. :-)

  2. Darth Vader balloon AND funnel cakes? How, oh how, have I been missing this?!?