Friday, February 3, 2012

It's February...

It’s February, and you know what that means.
That’s right! My mother’s birthday. Photobucket Image Hosting Anyu (That’s “Mom” in Hungarian) has reached an age where I’m sure she’d prefer using only the term “significant,” and in a “significant” age, she has reached a “significant” milestone (one easily divisible by 5 or 25). An incredible woman with an incredible history: She escaped from Hungary at the age of 18; married to the same man (my father, also Hungarian) for thirty-four years until his death; survived a burglary that robbed her of many sentimental Hungarian artifacts, an earthquake that damaged her house, and just two years ago a fire that burned her condo to the ground (she likes to joke—yes, joke—how she’s been the recipient of Red-Cross care packages three times in her life—once when she was a refugee, once after the earthquake, and once when her house burned down). She speaks and reads English well, but we still laugh at some of her mangled idioms: just this past Christmas, she was speaking with my daughter about never having received a speeding ticket, “knock on the door”.
So in honor of February and my mother’s birthday, I’m giving away three Kindle copies of TEMPTATION’S WARRIOR, my ebook release of an earlier hardcover novel (don’t worry; other formats coming very soon—and I’ll do a giveaway then too). Coincidentally, or maybe not so coincidentally, TEMPTATION’S WARRIOR is dedicated to my mother. And if you’re confused about the author name, Gabi Anderson is the name I published TW under. TEMPTATION’S WARRIOR is medieval light—look for fun, not density. (See this post for more details)
So if you’d like to be entered for one of the three Kindle copies, please leave a comment here telling me you’d like to enter or shoot an email to Be sure to leave me a way to contact you or heck back on Feb 20. I’d also love to hear a story about your mom. I’ll draw the winners on February 19. That’s Anyu’s birthday.

Books I’m Reading Now:
One more RITA® book to go. Still not telling.


  1. Hi Gabi! I would love to be entered. I figure I've got two things going for me right now - my birthday is also in February and my last name is Anderson! :-D

    The fun thing about my mom is that she is a Presbyterian Pastor in Lynchburg. When she was assigned a church my dad gave her an honest-to-goodness Shepard's crook. Now she has a collection of sheep taking over her office at the church.

    AquarianDancer at gmail dot com

    1. I've already written you. The book is coming.

  2. Gabi, I always enjoy your blogs, and loved Temptation's Warrior! (I obviously have a copy, so you don't need to enter me; just wanted to say hello!)

  3. I want to be entered. I would love to read Temptation Warrior.

    1. Hey, Shelley! I would love to send you one. Please let me know where. Write me at GabiStevens at gmail dot com

  4. Count me in because your Mom sounds Great and that's one of the best covers--ever!