Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good News

If you remember that personal post of two weeks ago, I have the results. The pathology was negative. I don't have cancer. Good news. They did find what they called active tissue, which I will have to have monitored for a while (next MRI in December), but for now I'm fine.

So how does this affect my life? Well, it's freed me in my writing a little. I'm not afraid to be a little more out there, sink a little more of myself into the text. It's made TOIL & TROUBLE, the third book in my trilogy, a little more interesting to write because I'm able to turn off that internal editor with a little more success. That internal editor gets in my way a lot. That and being an English teacher. Hard to forget those grammar and essay rules I'm trying to drive into my student (That's right; it's driven into them; they don't want to learn them).

So now it's back to work, and loving it.

Happy summer everyone.

Books I'm reading now:
Duma Key by Stephen King
One dance with a Duke by Tessa Dare


  1. That is very good news! Glad you have that weight off your shoulders. I've had many family members who have had cancer and it is always a huge fear for me as well. I am glad you are healthy and are ok. :)

  2. Thanks, Rachael. Fear is such an odd emotion. And separating it from worry is even more difficult.

    And because I am a writer, I was taking note of everything, just in case I may want to use it in a book. (We writers are such odd birds.)