Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Tribute

Yesterday we had our monthly writers’ meeting, and I was struck by something. Earlier in the week, I had received an inquiry from a film producer about the film rights to my book. I know most likely nothing will come of it, but it’s fun to speculate, and I shared this news with my writer friends, and they were appropriately excited. Our meeting was about screenwriting (wonderful speaker, great meeting, by the way), and through the course of questions one of our members revealed that her book is going in for screenwriting through a huge Hollywood agency. She had not mentioned this to me.

Now, let me explain. This author got the fairy tale, the Cinderella story. Her first book sold in a major deal, foreign rights are being sold right and left, and now I’ve discovered she’s got a movie or TV deal in the works as well. I did not get the Cinderella deal, but that’s okay. I’m really happy with what I have. I didn’t get the guy who can sing well either, or the guy who picks up after himself, and while I love to look at my guy, I wouldn’t say he was a babe magnet either. But you know what? I love him with all my heart and soul. He is my perfect guy and I love being around him and I’m still thrilled he picked me (after 25 years of marriage that’s saying something).

I adore the author who received this deal. We are at the start of real friendship (yes, we’re friends now, but we still don’t know the names of each others’ children—okay, maybe we do, but you know what I mean). I’m thrilled for her, but I’m afraid she might be holding back on sharing some of the exciting details of her fairy tale because she is afraid she might put some people off, or it will sound like bragging, or because people will turn nasty with her (it has happened with other authors) out of jealousy. Really, she got the deal we all dream about as authors. And it’s exciting to be a witness to. It proves that dreams do come true. It doesn’t diminish what I’ve achieved. So it will take me longer to reach her level—I may never get there—but who cares? There’s room for everybody. Her success is everyone’s success.

Is she not allowed to celebrate because of her success? Isn’t she allowed to bask in her glory and just enjoy the whole process? I’m sure she’s celebrating with family and close friends, but I hope she doesn’t have to fear celebrating with the rest of us too.

So I’m here to be a cheerleader for her. (Not literally. Me in a skimpy skirt with pom-poms? That’s the stuff of nightmares. Wouldn’t give the right impression. Frightening. >shudder<). I want to hear about everything, because even if I never get there, I’m learning from her experiences, and if it’s my turn I’ll know a little more. Besides, she deserves it. She worked hard. She wrote a great book (which I’m still waiting to read—but I suppose I have to wait like everyone else.) and she was recognized for it. Good for her!!!


P.S. I don't have the results yet in regard to my last post, but I will keep you informed.

Books I'm reading now:
Ten Things I Love about You by Julia Quinn
Duma Key by Stephen King


  1. This is so encouraging to read, Gabi. Good for her! What great news! And good for you, too. :) But you're right about her possible motivation for playing it close to the vest. The ugly green beast can be so cruel. I've certainly been taken over by that green beast, but I've also been on the receiving end of its claws and teeth, so I have tended to have trust issues and to underplay my own talents and successes. In fact, I'd say my need to "fit in" has held me back more than it's helped me, and the realization that the jealousy of others is not my problem has been long in coming. Plus, there are also the parental lessons regarding humility, false and otherwise. As I get older I'm getting better about doing my own thing and tooting my own horn in the process--while trying not to be obnoxious, of course. Confidence is one thing, but arrogance will always be unappealing.

  2. This post is great, Gabi. I think your Cinderella deal is right around the corner. This new series of yours is so amazing and timely. It's people like you who give writers a good name. There are those who are spiteful. Fortunately, I have had little experience with them and hope the trend continues. I can't wait to hang with you at National!

    Go Team Romance!

  3. You (Darynda and Gabi) are both great writers, and I am so happy for your success. No jealousy coming from this direction. I am thrilled for both of you and living the dream vicariously. So, go get 'em, gals, I'm with you every step of the way.