Monday, August 22, 2011

The new Man

No, I'm not trading in husbands. I'm talking about my new hero. He's so much fun. I turned in revisions for WISHFUL THINKING, the third and final book in my series (unless there's a huge write in campaign for a continuation of stories in the world) and I was just thinking of Hunter. He's my hero. He's a Guard--kind of magic military. His job is to protect the third fairy godmother. Of course, it's not as easy as he thinks, and he has to go through much soul-searching and changing before the end.

One of the interesting things about writing the male (which I'm not) is trying to understand their point of view. How do they think? For example, how would a man describe the heroine's blue eyes? Well, he'd probably say blue. When writing a scene from the male POV, one has to worry about how men think or it won't come off as authentic--especially if the guy is an alpha hero. For example, men usually don't ask for approval, so they don't use tag-ons like "right?" or "don't you think?" When they write e-mails then tend not to use a greeting like "Dear Mr. Brown." They just jump right into the meat of the message.

There are other male behaviors that make scenes more authentic, like their attitudes about nudity. Yes, there's a scene in my book that uses this aspect of male behavior. I think it's pretty funny.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that I really like the male. And all of his quirks, strengths, and behaviors fascinate me. Maybe because I'm not one.

Books I'm reading now:
Stranger by Zoe Archer

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